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Day 3: Result of My Honey Detox Journey!

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is ready for a great upcoming July 4th!

To update:

_ My walk is 9,766 steps.

_ My weight is 2 lbs less than where I started.

_ My morning routine is 1 big cup of 1 scoop of ginger honey, warm water and lemon (this is also my morning light breakfast).

_ My diet is big lunch with no starch. I ate salad. All types of DIY salad. My dinner is small, usually yogurt with fruits.

_ Important: same recipe of ginger honey but small cup before bed so it helps digested and easy to sleep. Please make sure you apply this for any occasion when you are going to have a big meal, this small ginger honey lukewarm water will really help in digestion and natural sleep aid.

My notes on this journey:

You know your body as well I know mine. I can only suggest or tell you what I applied on this challenge.

_ I don't cold cut sugar completely on my diet because this is pure & unfiltered honey so it does provide sugar but way less calories.

_ I ate moderately. Instead of fill up100% my belly, I only reach about 85% and drink in between the meal so the food portion is less and I don't have a heavy belly or food coma after meal.

_ Keep excercising but do not stretch or be too harsh, too stressful about losing weight on this journey. The challenge meant to help you feel good because you took care of your body. You gave your body a cleanse so it is refreshing, recharged, re-energized with good vibes.


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