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Results of my 7 Days of Honey Detox Journey!

To my lovely group,

I haven't updated about my journey for couple days. So here I am again.

Notes, this journey started on June 29th, 2022 and lasted 7 days. There are posts between my Facebook page regarding the recipe.

The results:

_ I weighted 124.8 lbs from the beginning, at the end of the journey, I weighted 121.6 lbs --> lost 3.2 lbs in 7 days.

_ Above is my walking steps in those 7 days.

_ Diets: 3 meals, small portions, no high carbs: pasta, rice, noodle, bread. Completely off this carbs in 7 days. I don't like quinoa so I replaced with chia seeds. No soft drinks either in that 7 days.

_ On July 4th which I had a hang out with friends and family for food. I still enjoyed the company but moderately watched my portion. Looks like I walked more steps on that day for the fireworks lol ✨(❁´◡`❁)

_ I drank 1 big cup of ginger honey with warm water and lemon in the morning as cleanse, 1 small glass ginger honey with warm water at night before bed for digestion, made 1 big pitcher of ginger honey water with lime and ice for work out session. During the day, I drink water, 2% reduced fat milk, no premade juice.

_ Be patient, be consistent, no pressure and knowing that you are taking care of your body. So be happy and enjoy the journey.

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