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Hot toddy whiskey tea recipe

Hello everyone and how are you doing?😁

Actually, my husband is the one who came up with this recipe. But how did he come up with this?

Well, he has been under the weather for couple days, no fever just running nose and light sore throat. And no, not Covid because that was the 1st thing we tested since Covid is going viral nowadays lol. 🤔🤨 He's been taking EmergenC, cough drops and Nyquil at night for 2 days. He start getting tired of these meds. So he said: "I will try something else today". And guess what, this is what he made.

What did he put in there?

- Ginger honey 1 scoop

- Lemon slices

- Kentucky Bourbon 1 shot

- Lukewarm water

After taking this hot toddy bourbon tea, his mucus start pushing out and his sore throat is gone. He said he'd rather take this home remedy over the meds 😂😆

Try this if you want a homemade healthy cold remedy instead guys. 😉

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